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Facial & Body Soap or Shampoo bar
A emu fortified shampoo and body soap bar, complexed with capsicum and pH buffered with citric acid. While most soaps and shampoos strip everything from your skin and hair, Bard’s “Body and Shampoo Bar” conditions the skin and hair as it cleans.
Each bar is hand-poured into a mold that is approximately 6 ozs.


Bard’s original enriched emu cream
designed for the entire body.
The original cream has a thick,
whipped texture that rubs in quickly. Available in a 4 oz. tub.


“Caymulo Lotion” is an evolution of the original body and facial cream. It is naturally unscented in an aqueous glycerol and complexed capsicum base. Absorption into the skin is rapid, leaving a soft silky nongreasy and moisturizing after-effect. Use for facial moisturizing, hydrate dry heels or soothe tired muscles. For even more therapeutic benefits of emu, try caymulo!
4 ounces
“Caymulo” maximizes the therapeutic properties of emu oil for the skin and is great for
wrinkles, eczema, psoriasis, poison ivy, sunburn, and rosacea. Feedback also indicates
an immediate soothing effect for arthritic discomfort.

Lotion Balm

The warmth of your skin will soften the bar. Rub on wherever you need moisturizing. Excellent for dry, cracked, tough-working hands.

Jasmine-Vanilla Fragrance


A low viscosity lotion with emu and avocado oils that is rich in Omega 3 & 6 Fatty acids and Vitamin E. This lotion was designed for minimal pore blockage and is very therapeutic. Great for after shower moisturizing.
2 oz. Spritz Bottle
4 oz. Spritz Bottle

Facial Spritz

Naturally shrinks pores and reduces wrinkles. 100% Natural energized water. Gently massage into face after washing.
2 oz. Spritz Bottle


An all natural mosquito & insect repellent that utilizes the herb patchouli to naturally repel pesky insects.
4 oz. Spritz Bottle

Bard’s Poopourri

Spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know.
2 oz. Spritz Bottle

Hide & Fur

Flea and Tick Control for Pets
Approved by man’s best friend, an all natural hide and fur conditioner that repels fleas and other pests. Contains emu oil and patchouli.
2 oz. Tub

Shampoo Bar

Flea and Tick Control for Pets
An all natural pet soap that repels fleas, ticks and other insect pests. It contains emu oil for hide and fur conditioner and the herb, patchouli, for the natural repellent. Man’s best friend approved.
Approx. 6 oz. Bar
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